“Dennis and I have been working together for just over six months. He has helped me understand and leverage both my strengths and my weaknesses. Through our sessions, I’ve also become more aware of some of my self-limiting beliefs and am learning how to question and respond to them.

Dennis is expert at creating a safe, trusting environment where we work on whatever issues I’m facing at that point in time. He has an authentic, non-judgemental and insightful ability to probe what I’m saying and helps me to explore multiple layers of meaning and emotion which I often would have missed if I was dealing with these challenges alone.

Some of the tangible benefits I’ve experienced so far include an improving ability to manage stress and anxiety, being more likely to trust my intuition and more effectively managing boundaries between my work and non-work life.

The ability to reach out between meetings via private messages is really useful and Dennis has always been super responsive when I’ve done this.”


CEO (2023)

“Dennis is the Angel Whisperer. With full disclosure: I am not “woo woo”, I am simply just “woo”.  The best way I can explain his work is that he accesses information from the divine realm and speaks it to my soul essence. He also gives a voice to my soul essence – inklings I can feel but are blocked from my full vision for some reason.

Upon working with Dennis in my first session, I knew he would have a profound impact on my life. After 16 months of working together, that prospect has absolutely come true: Dennis has helped me clear out inner blockages that I didn’t even know I had inside me, haunting me. One session, with his safe guidance, I revisited a major childhood trauma. While Dennis held space, I intuitively led my little girl self to getting what she had always needed in that moment of trauma, fulfilling a lifelong need for safety and love. This experience alone transformed how I show up in the world, for my family, and in my business.

Dennis’s intuition is spot on. In times where I know something is bothering me yet I can’t put a finger on it, he intuits, identifies, and gives shape to that which is in my blindspot. Once these blockages are seen, with his support, they can effectively be cleared, released, or shifted. With Dennis’s work, I have been able to get out of my own way and succeed more in life and in my business.

Dennis has also shown me what a safe masculine presence feels like. The work we do is incredibly intimate and private, but I am safe with Dennis to be entirely open about deep, personal, and sometimes embarrassing material.

Dennis, thank you so much for sharing your gift with me and with the world.  Your work is life-changing and world-shaking.  Thanks to working consistently with you for over a year, I am more connected to my essence than ever before!”


CEO (2022)

“As an entrepreneur, business woman and healer working with multi-million dollar clients, I have a very clear path and business plan. I could say “I’ve got it all together”, but I also can say with honesty that I did have some limiting beliefs and fears that would hold me back. When I met Dennis, I knew instantly he was the one that I needed to take me to the next level… And he did.

Dennis uses his unique Gifts and Talents to dive into the depths of your subconscious, reaching into spaces that you’ve forgotten were even there, but that are making a relevant impact in your life and business NOW. He pulls them out so gently, and then lovingly replaces them with the Truth, allowing your subconscious and conscious minds to work together to create a new reality around the new Truth.

After working with Dennis weekly for 3 months, I suddenly realized that I had become the uplevel I was seeking when I began working with him. I am never lacking in confidence, but I had a NEW, higher level of confidence, I had no fear, and truly after each session with him, I felt like I was on fire, like I could take on the world – which I did.

In that new energetic state, I drew into my life client after client, idea after idea, new opportunity after new opportunity… it’s like the floodgates opened even wider, but the difference was that every week, Dennis removed every bit of my limiting beliefs and negative thoughts that might hold me back from receiving all of this abundance.

In addition to the sessions, I also highly benefitted from Dennis’ private messaging support! On some days I just didn’t have the time to sort out my triggers, so it came in super handy I could simply text message Dennis and let him figure it out. And he always did! Dennis’ intuitive insights and tailored, remote energy healing transmissions in response were off the charts – so spot on that I got chills every time I listened to his audios. That extra support has enabled me to stay aligned and at ease on full days, to instantly (!) release bodily symptoms like neck tensions and to overcome self-limiting fears in moments I really needed to be centered, like right before getting on a sales call with a potential client. Absolutely amazing!

I can honestly say that working with Dennis this year was one of the best investments in my business and myself I have made to date, and I wish I could keep him in my back pocket. If you are a business woman who is ready for that NEXT uplevel and ready for it to happen fast, Dennis is the one to take you there.”


CEO & Founder (2021)

“As a female CEO, I’m constantly juggling my responsibilities and emotions. I need to execute and lead but I’m also a feeling human with a wounded spirit.

Working with Dennis woke me up. I cannot stress this enough: his intuition is SPOT ON! Dennis helped me finally understand the causes of my emotional struggles and called out memories that I didn’t even remember or hadn’t thought about in years. 

With his support I could make peace. I’ve cried tears of anguish, joy, discovery and pure surprise during our sessions. I’m more aware of my feminine power. I am healed of events that held me back, both in my business and private life. I am more in touch with my WHY and WHO I am, who I have been, less confused and clearer in where I’m headed than ever before.

Dennis is pure magic. He creates a space so safe that you can really tap into ANYTHING that is keeping you from your highest self and to really explore what motivates you to feel the way you do.

This is the #1 best business decision you can make for yourself. Lead like the healed, conscious boss that is already inside. Dennis can help you get there.


CEO, Author (2021)

“As a solo-preneur leading a heart conscious business centered around my soul mission – to bring Divine Masculine & Feminine Unity to the world – I struggled to marry my more intuitive spiritual/ shamanic self with my CEO self. Before working with Dennis, this struggle has caused inner conflict between “being” and “doing” and I desperately needed help to end the inner war and integrate both parts of me.

Dennis was able to successfully support me in overcoming this! Week after week he helped me put out inner conflict after inner conflict.

The most profound result happened in our first session : Dennis used his intuitive gifts to help me heal my relationship with FIRE. As a typical Aries I would jump into a project wholeheartedly giving it loads and burning out very quickly. Dennis not only helped me see this but effectively supported me in reprograming my relationship to this inner fire: Instead of ‘burning me out’ it now works for and with me/ in me/ through me as a beautiful, creative and gentle force.

All in all, the work we have done has transformed the original conflict between my spiritual and business self and as a result, I have developed more confidence in my ability to be the CEO of my own company. My business has become me and me it. There is no separation anymore.

I am deeply grateful to Dennis for assisting me in upgrading my awareness and possibilities! Dennis is compassionate, smart, innovative and deeply kind. He uses both his intuitive gifts as well as his SMARTS to dig deep to root out the block that is keeping us playing small. The result is creating new belief patterns that support a playing BIG mentality. Going to the depths that Dennis’ work brings you to requires a trust that was not hard to build – I trusted him from the start.

Absolutely and highly recommended!”


Intimacy & Relationship Coach, Shaman, CEO (2020)

Dennis is wonderful! From the first moment we spoke, he put me completely at ease and I was able to open up with him. My reason for seeking him out was due to a stand-still in my business. I shared about some struggles and that I felt blocked in my ability to call in the success I desired. My wish was to receive his support in releasing those blocks and also feel more of a ‘calm’ in my day-to-day life.

During our first session he was able to identify some areas in my life that I had let go of, or ignored. Because those things had once been very important to me, I realized that it was impacting multiple areas of my life, including co-creating these blocks in my business I had mentioned before. 

In two sessions so far, he has supported me in releasing those blocks. Since the work we did together, taking his suggestion and implementing a couple things, I feel more at peace, more fulfilled and happier – especially in my business. Highly recommend working with him!


Functional Nutrition Specialist, CEO (2020)

Working with Dennis has been life changing. With two sessions a week over the course of nine months, Dennis has helped to tackle some of my biggest challenges concerning my confidence and career goals.

It wasn’t a coincidence that we began working together in the fall of 2019, before the global crisis with COVID-19. During this time, life was persistent with the challenges, making me feel extremely hopeless.

Dennis’ support helped to shift my energy and his insights gave me the confidence to grow again. As a result, I was able to launch several successful projects and to step into my role as an advisor for others again – all whilst also enjoying travelling and the freedom of an adventure lifestyle, even during the global pandemic.

I highly recommend Dennis! I trust his abilities and insights. His work digs deep into the heart of the matter and equally creates the resolution to shift the patterns and beliefs for you to gain new confidence and truly change.


Entrepreneurial Advisor & Business Consultant (2020)

“I want to give a shout-out to Dennis Pascal and the work that we’ve done together in the last few months. When I met Dennis, I was struggling with overwhelm, taking on too much and needed clarity on what to prioritize. I also felt frustrated in wanting to create great business relationships that felt reciprocal and a good match.

In the sessions, Dennis held a very safe, deep container and was able to connect the dots between my current challenges and layers of old, past trauma that were still stuck. He was able to guide me through processes that allowed me to release those layers and move on.

As a result, my clarity increased and it became easier to stay focused, and know what to focus on. Overall, I became calmer. I was able to attract more aligned, supportive business relationships.

Dennis is fabulous at what he does! His way of being is very natural, caring, gentle and compassionate. I appreciate his full presence and all his tools and skills that he brings to his work! I highly recommend him!

If you’re thinking about working with him – go ahead! Jump in and know that you’ll be well taken care of! Thank you, Dennis!”


Coach & Master Holistic Healer, CEO (2020)

“People book your sessions, your future self will thank you.”


Intuitive Healer & Coach, CEO (2020)